Hyundai Motor Studio, an event and exhibition space which opened in late 2017 in Beijing is designed by 2x4 and came to life thanks to the collaboration of different teams and talents. I was responsible for creating visuals for a 50-foot long screen in a “garage gallery” inside the building. The space and video installation is purely dedicated to the purpose of speaking about Hyundai’s Fuel Cell technology in an abstract, non-concrete way and invites people to take a moment and meditate in a space surrounded by ocean waves, bright color fields and dreamy sounds.

Original video length is 5 minutes and it is being displayed on a horizontal 50-foot (15 meters) long display.

Role: Design, Motion Design
Studio: 2x4
Creative Director: Susan Sellers
Art Director: Sung Joong Kim

Music: John Roberts
Project Team: Rona Binay, Zhengyuan McDermott, Melanie Malkin

Captured at Hyundai Motorstudio in Beijing. Photos courtesy of 2x4.