Prada commissioned 2x4 studio to completely rethink their approach to social media across all channels. The studio worked together to create and maintain social media strategy, also created a huge number of content series as well as communicated brand’s key activities through all social media channels. Over more than a year, I produced a variety of visual stories (both still and motion) intended to promote specific items, highlight a particular feature of the product or tell a century-old brand story in a visually compelling, informative and social media friendly way.

Role: Design, Motion Design, Art Direction

Studio: 2x4
Creative Directors: Michael Rock, Sung Joong Kim
Art Director: Ryan Weafer
Team Members: Kee Kim, Joshua Graver, Sunny Park, Donnie Luu, Colleen Herman, Nancy Hong, Natasha Stagg, Beverly Liang, Lucy Swope, Philippe Ostiguy, Cynthia Hong.