A multi-screen video installation project dedicated to enhance the shopping experience at Prada store at rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré in Paris. 23 in-store screens are treated as one giant blank canvas, so each new season is a chance to create moving images that in some ways reflect the mood and idea behind the specific collection. The video content interprets, expands and recontextualizes an atmosphere of the fashion show and the collection itself for an in-store environment. During the last few years, I produced a number of videos while working at 2x4.

Role: Motion Design

Studio: 2x4
Creative Directors: Sung Joong Kim, Michael Rock
Art Director: Ryan Weafer
Images: Prada
Resort 2015
Resort 2015 campaign video interventions present specific aspects of the campaign (photography by Steven Meisel, film direction by DJA) in a different way by manipulating the original campaign imagery. Infinite Trees intervention is all about dark, spooky infinite forest imagery, a Slow Motion intervention highlights the statuesque qualities of the models, and Pixel Stretch video emphasizes stripes, plaids and other clothing patterns found in a collection by creating pixel stretch distortions at certain parts of the frame.
Prada SS15
The fashion show intervention presents a color palette of the collection in a dynamic and kinetic way using pixel stretching technique. Psychedelic Prada logo animations are based on the mood and color palette of the SS15 campaign by Steven Meisel.